In order to motivate the future generation to take care of the environment, we created  SFP Clean™ as a natural, multisurface cleaning product. It can remove dirt, oil, dust, & fingerprints  on different surfaces such as tablets, smartphones, notebook, laptop, television, lenses, 
glass, and windows. This multisurface cleaning product is a natural, plant derived  cleaning solution that is unmatched in safety  and performance. They are safe for people specially kids, pets, and safe for the environment. It comes with an antimicrobial microfiber cape cloth that can be used to wipe surfaces  and also turn Smart Finger Puppets into superheroes. The spray bottle packaging is made with 30% renewable material. This ecofriendly product builds a new generation of good planetary citizens where the children of today are the superheroes of the future.

SFP Clean with microfiber cape cloth