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As part of our endeavor to teach and motivate young students to respect and protect our natural resources, we have created Save Friendly Planet (SFP) as a tool to help them develop life-long healthy green habits. It is imperative that youngsters learn about the planet and how to protect it. Teaching children about the ways they can protect the planet or make simple changes to decrease their carbon footprints now may pave the way for more informed adults later that could potentially make a dramatic difference in the future of the earth.

SFP carefully assesses each step of our product manufacturing and packaging, from the raw materials used during production to what happens after our products are thrown into the trash or landfill. By doing this, we are taking resposibility to protecting our planet and are providing opportunities for improvement by quantifying the impacts our products have on the environment throughout its full life cycle - from its inception to its ultimate disposal at the end of its life cycle. Based on examples from nature, we believe that all human beings can be a positive presence on the planet and are capable of replenishing and regenerating natural systems. SFP is our proactive approach to a healthier future.

We have worked together with ENSO Plastics to develop earth friendly plastic packaging solutions for our products. With the use of ENSO Restore,  our polyethylene terephthalate (PET) packaging for Smart Finger Puppet and SFP Clean create 10% fewer carbon emissions. In addition, we have also reduced our carbon footprint by 30% using ENSO Renew with our polypropylene (PP) packaging for the spray bottle.

Our eco friendly yarn that is safe for kids and the environment have no toxic or harmful dyes. We want every parent to feel the security that their children are safe and have a healthy environment as they play with Smart Finger Puppets (SFP). In order to keep motivating kids to take care of their environment, we also created SFP Clean as a natural, multisurface cleaning product. This product is a natural, plant derived cleaning product that is unmatched in safety and performance. Our cleaning product composition comprises of suitable plant-based solutions  and a mixture of antibacterial essential oils.  They are safe for people specially kids, pets, and safe for the environment.  This cleaning product comes with an antimicrobial  microfiber cape cloth.  We believe that every kid deserves a cape for their Smart Finger Puppet® because the children of today are the superheroes of the future.

No Smart Finger Puppet is complete without our eco-friendly, educational wooden train toys that can be used to store, display, and hold the finger puppets.  We are working with a company that supports other local companies in the US who operate in a responsible and sustainable manner. They are crafted from sustainably harvested native maple hardwood in the US.  We offer an extensive line of wooden trains, accessory cars, track, bridges, buildings, engines, cabooses, fire trucks, school buses, tow trucks and tugboat vehicle cars. We also have many animal cars such as  dog, cat, duck, bear, cow, giraffe, zebra, and many more.  They are compatible with other track and wooden railway systems.

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