With the growing prevalence of touchscreen technology – smartphones, Kindles, iPads and the like, a growing number of schools are now allowing classrooms to use these hand-held devices as learning tools among young children and adults.  Joel Angeles created Angeles Enterprises to save lives one child at a time through education by inventing motivational learning toys to tap into the depths of these young minds to nurture their fullest potential. The company provides young children the opportunity to utilize their touchscreen devices with Smart Finger Puppets by rendering quality toys that are eco-friendly and integrating technology  such as educational Apps and Artificial Intelligence. He believes in manufacturing products that  promote fair wages, equal opportunity, and sustainability  locally, and globally. Our mission is to also promote compassion and emotional intelligence to help kids develop a strong mental and emotional health. Joel and his team are entrepreneurs, educators, philanthropists,  healers, scientists, and artists who believe in creating products that promote higher quality of life for the betterment of humanity.


Smart Finger Puppet® is a fun, interactive, and motivational learning tool that brings out the genius, right at children’s fingertip. They come to life as characters that portray different personalities or different subjects across all cultures. The company can customize Smart Finger Puppets to your own specifications and make them come to life as characters that portray different personalities or different subjects across all cultures. These finger puppets can without limitation include family members, animal characters, plants, symbols, products, services, philosophers, healers, scientists, authors, artists, leaders, mathematicians, thinkers, and people from all walks of life. Learning to play with Smart Finger Puppets that work on all touchscreen devices is fun and can help young students build social skills, stimulate their imagination, and accelerate language development. These educational toys can allow young children opportunities to play and be entertained on their own as they express their feelings by experimenting with different voices and characters.






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It is critical that the issue of disinfection of these devices be addressed as schools choose to implement tablets into the classrooms.  British researchers in one study found that touchscreen devices carry 18 times more bacteria than a flush handle in a men's room. An analysis of handsets was so dirty that they had up to ten times an acceptable level of TVC bacteria. The New York Daily News swabbed four iPads in NYC Apple Stores, and lab results found Staphylococcus aureus (a common source of staph infections), Candida parapsilosis (a yeast), and Corynebacterium minutissimum (a common source of skin rashes). Viruses and bacteria can linger on the surface of tablets for weeks without proper disinfection. The spread of the influenza virus has increased in recent years and it was estimated that the flu alone was responsible for 32 million missed days of school. Young students can use their Smart Finger Puppets to prevent harmful germs to be easily transmitted when devices are shared among students. Smart Finger Puppet® can also prevent grease, oils, and dirt that can stain, discolor, damage, or contaminate the surface of these touchscreen devices. It can be used as a stylus to navigate through their touchscreen device, practice saying what they feel through the finger puppet, and release their emotions in a healthy way all at the same time. They can be worn over any glove and maintain its functionality even at cold environments.  

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